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Audience Measurement for DOOH

Edge AI based, real-time data collection and analysis. Impressions counts, dwell time, attention time, demographic data in real time for your ad campaign.
Demographic and psychographic segmentation.
Deliver personalized, real-time advertisements to the target audience indoor or outdoor.


Gen AI Powered Solutions

Rapidly develop solutions using Foundational Models.
Instantly translate English speech into any languages for inclusive communication.
Seamless transitions between real selves and avatars for engaging presentations.
Authentically synchronize avatar lip movement with spoken language.
Coordination and efficient responses with AI Assistant BOT.


Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions tailored to your business needs, from app development to seamless integration of systems and processes.
Hassle-free shift to the cloud with our expert migration services.
Cost-optimize and modernize infrastructure and applications.


Mobile Apps and connected TV app Development

Swiftly Creating User-Centric, Cross-Platform Mobile Apps.
Delivering Intuitive Interfaces for Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and STB.
Incorporating Rapid AR/VR and Geolocation Integration.
Executing Speedy, Rigorous Testing for Stability and Performance.


Offshore Development

Delivering offshore AI prowess in model development, edge AI applications, and precise data labeling for supervised learning.
Proficiency in an array of programming languages and technologies.
Employing agile methodologies for streamlined project management and punctual delivery.
Maintaining transparent communication and consistent progress updates.


Video Applications

Rapidly extract valuable video insights with AI analytics.
Elevate viewer engagement through tailored content suggestions.
Cost-effective analysis of video content without breaking the budget.
Optimize content decisions based on real-time insights.


Value to Customers

  • Low Cost:
    Evaluate and select cost-effective technologies and tools that deliver the necessary performance.
  • Enhance Efficiency:
    Streamline operations and reduce manual efforts through AI automation.
  • Gain Insights:
    Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights powered by AI.
  • Elevate Experiences:
    Deliver personalized experiences that resonate with your audience.
  • Accelerate Innovation:
    A partner you can rely on for genuine impact.
  • Foster Growth:
    Unlock new possibilities and opportunities for business expansion.

Value to Customers


Why EdgeSkope?

  • Tailored Solutions: AI solutions customized to your unique business needs and use cases.
  • Seamless Integration: Implementation methodology aligned with your business priorities for immediate impact.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Harness the power of AI analytics for smarter decisions.
  • Leading Innovation: We help deploy more use cases using our extensive knowledge on popular AI services using our cost-effective AI driven solution.
  • Trust and Transparency: A partner you can rely on for genuine impact.
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