Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Accurate audience measurement leads to accurate assessment of marketing campaigns. Are you advertising the smart way?

Artificial Intelligence

AI and edge computing technology enable low-cost and accurate audience measurement for advertisers

Business Benefits

Innovative AI-powered audience measurement technology delivers accurate data and increases revenue by enabling powerful, measurable, and targeted marketing campaigns

Making Digital advertising measurable and impactful

Your advertising screens may be doing a good job, but are they giving you insights on who is fascinated by your product? Level up your digital advertising techniques with FastEdge, which uses proprietary machine vision technology to assess and measure the reach and effectiveness of images and video in real time.

The insights provided by FastEdge can improve your planning and decisions for further advertisements.

Increase Impression Multiplier

Get the right impression count and improve revenue generation with our accurate data collection system.

Count footfall

Measure the exact foot traffic at your location. Our intelligent system can identify multiple visits by the same person and can count unique visitors.

Demographic Classification

Know what percentage of the audience appears male or female and belongs to which age bracket. Our system accurately details the demographics of live visitors.

Facial Recognition

Our advanced facial recognition identifies unique visitors, which is critical information in any advertisement setting.

Detailed Reporting

Reliable, detailed data is tracked by the minute and can be viewed live on the system to give you the information you need.

About Us

We are FastEdge

A team of experienced and highly skilled professionals in edge computing, artificial intelligence and DOOH-based digital advertising came together to build FastEdge’s state-of-the-art platform. The platform is a technological revolution in the digital advertising space that delivers proof-of-performance reports and collects data to power intelligent business insights for advertisers.

  • Real-time, AI-driven insights
  • Simple to deploy, quick to bring in revenue
  • State-of-the-art yet low-cost platform
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Use Cases

FastEdge's AI-driven audience measurement solution has several unique applications across various industries.

Health Care

Track patients' unstable or critical health conditions, give continuous readings, and share information with remote locations like laboratories or other departments.


Get deeper insight into students' behavioral patterns, emotions, levels of understanding, and interests in order to provide a smooth learning experience.

Hospitality Analytics

Track hotel or resort guests at all touchpoints throughout their stay and use the data to enhance customer service.

Security & Surveillance

Securely monitor facilities, identify probable threats, and trigger alerts for any unusual activity.

Retail Insights

Stay ahead of the latest consumer trends while managing profit margins and creating lasting profitability.

Warehousing Analytics

Collect reliable data to optimize warehouse operations, providing robust insights and solutions for radical improvements in business.

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