FastEdge – AdTech

AdTech for Your Business

Our platform uses accurate data to target advertisements at different demographic profiles taking into consideration your audiences’ taste and preferences, where they live, their age, gender in order to present ads that are engaging and relevant.

Screens display customized and personalized advertisements that capture the attention of your audience and the AI sensor collects data and insights in real-time, that helps in further planning and problem solving of your business.

Why AdTech for Your Business?

With the AI DOOH sensor, you can finally boost your business with targeted advertisements. This promotes your products and services with interactive advertisements and exposes your brand to your potential customers. The feature of Programmatic Ad delivery which involves custom advertisements aligning with the customers’ preferences keeps them hooked to the brand.

This cutting-edge technology includes the AI innovative device that will make your establishment stand out from the rest, and it couldn’t be simpler to install! Retailers installing FastEdge helps them by earning revenue both from us as well other brands whose product displays are included. Featuring customizable reactivity settings that let builders customize how long they want their advertisements to play before moving on to a new one.

Businesses can find out exactly what ads individuals notice the most and adapt. You no longer have to guess whether something is eye-catching enough – instead begin by discovering it!


How AdTech Boosts Business Growth

AdTech is set to benefit the DOOH industry in a multitude of ways, from encouraging consumers to perceive it as a “cool” alternative to traditional digital advertising methods, through to offering advertisers new and impactful ways of engaging with audiences.

Increase customer engagement

Catch viewer’s attention and keep them engaged through dynamic visuals

Programmatic ad delivery

Customized advertisements targeting your customer base individually

Brand awareness

Out-of-the-box advertising strategy leading to better brand acknowledgement

Improved customer targeting

Machine Learning combined with sales analysis provide better customer targeting