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The Major OOH Media Formats

People are becoming less restricted in their actions as vaccine rates increase and restrictions lessen. As consumers travel to and from work, the opportunity to interact with other people is increasing. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is perfect to increase your brand awareness and audience connection. They also deliver your message to a specific demographic or geography, reach customers with real time feedback on ad campaigns, and improve customer interactions. Before we describe the some of the better OOH (out of home) media formats, let's discuss why OOH and DOOH have become so popular with advertisers.

Why choose OOH Platforms for your business?

  • Very tech savvy - OOH has the most appealing audience for advertisers. OOH-compatible visitors tend to be tech-savvy, high-earning, and belong to the age group of 18 to 49. They spend almost 6 to 9 hours every week commuting. So OOH advertising has a long enough time frame to capture attention.
  • High visual effects - Research shows that regardless of where people are, they tend to gather in places where other people are hanging out. Out-of-Home can aid in producing strong and effective visual messaging. Outdoor advertising and marketing have been shown to deliver proven results. OOH lets you address your consumers where they spend most of their time, travel, hang out, and socialize.
  • Very profitable - OOHs and DOOHs have made up for any profits lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the industry continues to struggle, digital innovations have helped businesses adapt to constantly changing trends during the pandemic. Out-of-home advertising revenues have grown 38% in Q2 of 2021 compared to the prior year. Digital out-of-home advertising has continued to lead with increased segment growth of nearly 80% since Q2 of 2020.
  • Scalable and flexible - DOOH and OOH advertising offer scalable options that can be updated efficiently. Provide timely and responsive data from viewers in real-time, and create immersive experiences so that the correct audience connects with the right brand at the ideal location. With OOH media formats, you can customize your campaign trail as per your needs and wishes. The OOH advertising network is more cost-efficient thanks to its flexible nature. Moreover, brands and advertisers can efficiently reach their target audiences using hyper-targeting. Modern technology, mobile integration, and contextual targeting combine to give you the finest advertising that is there.

Key OOH Media Formats

Some of the major OOH media outlets are described in detail in the following paragraphs. Each of these digital advertising options allows you to target your audience in several different ways. Depending on your needs, certain spaces, formats, and places will be more suitable for your brand than others. There is also an increase seen by OAAA, when you fuse your digital marketing with an OOH strategy.

1. Billboard Advertising

From the digital to the print, billboards have proven their effectiveness in advertising. You can create impactful, memorable advertising campaigns on a regular basis. They engage the viewers but not at the cost of their privacy.

Physical and digital billboards both have their respective benefits. Physical billboards provide regular 24-hour messaging for four straight weeks. This generates more exposure for the firm, greater brand validation, and enhanced engagement. Digital billboards can be updated far more often and are much less costly than static signs. Moreover, they are more dynamic and attractive with enhanced graphics and new technology features. They can also be connected to social media networks. Also, you can quickly update your digital content to showcase local events, weather forecast etc. 

Bulletins, posters and wallscapes are few examples of billboard advertising that you can choose from.

2. Transit Advertising

Transit OOH advertising seamlessly connects you to the world of mobile advertising. Thus, you can supply a very personalized experience to your viewers and users in a highly targeted manner. With the services offered by FastEdge, you can integrate your consumers dynamically on the basis of location and time and much more.

Places where you can apply transit OOH are airports, buses and subways. With powerful exposure and eye-level ads they engage the maximum number of people and provide fixes for their problems, common and otherwise. They also entertain when the riders are in for a long, sometimes lonely, journey to home or offices.

3. Place-based OOH

OOH that is location-based is known as place-based OOH advertising. It relies on the location of the ad spaces relative to areas where audiences are likely to be found. For brands that rely on dwell time, location-based out-of-home ads offer more of an opportunity for viewers to connect to their content. When potential customers are closer to points of sale, they're more inclined to purchase.

Continue Your OOH growth with FastEdge

It’s easy to understand why most advertisers and brands continue to invest in out-of-home (OOH) and digital out-of-home (DOOH) ad solutions with so many attractive options. DOOH and OOH advertising show no sign of slowing as more scalable, cost-effective, and effective solutions come to market. Drop us a line to know more about state-of-art OOH media solutions that can be scaled according to your brand’s needs. FastEdge LLC is an AI technology development firm dedicated to using technology to make business decisions more accurate, timely, and profitable.  Find out more about us at .

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