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Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Examples

Digital out-of-home advertising is a medium of advertising which allows you to reach the target audience on the go. It is believed that this type of marketing has increased in popularity since we can see more and more ads on different screens on street billboards and the screens located on public vehicles. Let's have a look at some Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Examples: -

1. GAP

Gap launched a new interactive outdoor digital billboard at Times Square, NYC to connect with customers via social media and their local Gap stores. It was designed by Screenvision Media Networks which used its Apparition technology for the first time to enable users to interact with an advertisement on street screens.

2. KFC

KFC took over 12 digital billboards in Los Angeles showing people how it tastes to eat their 'Double Down'' chicken sandwich in one bite. The campaign was made by creative agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky that wanted everyone who walks nearby or just stands there for a while to check out the billboards' animations that show 2-D animated versions of Double Down sandwich being eaten in one go using real mouths working as fast as possible.

3. Honda

Honda created an augmented reality billboard that reacts to people walking past it. The campaign was developed by Universal Everything to promote the car company's features and the interactive digital out-of-home ad featured two cuboid screens at either side of a road which glide apart as pedestrians approached, revealing live video footage straight from the streets around them, so the whole world seemed to be passing them by.


HSBC launched an outdoor interactive poster in London featuring motion tracking technology which allowed customers to use their mobile phones to control 20 different aspects of artwork on the screen including its size or even color it in with a touch of a finger. Creating this real-life response ad required three days of shooting time taking over 100 shots for each scene where 70 designers worked on the digitization and animation for over 20 weeks.

5. Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean created a movie-like ad for the Kenzo perfume brand. The film featured on digital out-of-home billboards in London included the British actress Sophie Kennedy Clark who appeared as a woman being enveloped into blackness before being reborn anew, with her skin color changing to reveal that she was now wearing Kenzo's latest fragrance line 'Flower by Kenzo'.

6. Just Eat

launched an interactive outdoor campaign to promote its food delivery app through dozens of ads placed around London, England which users could scan with their smartphones to receive free deliveries from local restaurants. It was made by the creative agency Akestam Holst that also transformed some well-known sights of London into restaurants to help its reminder for people that they can order food online with Just Eat.

7. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola launched an interactive billboard in England inviting users to play a game of table tennis against an opponent, which was actually created by OgilvyOne advertising agency using the L-E-D technology and physical objects placed on top of the ad. It allowed passersby to play ping pong on a real table without having to leave their homes since the game was projected onto a digital display board in Birmingham's Broad Street. After scoring is done it appears as if your victory is recorded as a word reading 'Winner' but as soon as you try to take a picture of yourself pretending as the winner, it immediately changes into another text reading 'Loser'.

8. i-D Magazine

The i-D magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary with a campaign by JCDecaux that enabled users to download the new issue via billboards at Piccadilly Circus, London with just one click of their smartphones as they passed it on the street. A camera placed above any of those panels automatically took a picture as people walked by and send it directly to their smartphone or iPad together with information about buying a copy of the current magazine.

9. Vodafone

Vodafone launched a billboard in downtown London through which passersby could interact using the Facebook Messenger app sending photos that appear instantly on-screen for all onlookers to see. It was made by Goodstuff Communications UK, a team specialized in innovative ways to use digital billboards.

10. Volkswagen

Volkswagen in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather Berlin agency created an outdoor ad featuring two giant ad screens on both sides of a street in Germany. One side served as a mirror, reacting to people by showing them ads for the car brand while the other screen showed images that symbolize luxury and wealth, reflecting those values at passersby who could change their appearance by walking from one screen to another right across the road.

So these were some of the Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising Examples. Marketers all over the world are using DOOH advertising to reach broad audiences for various reasons. In the US, DOOH is dominated by out-of-home digital ads from cable companies advertising their services as well as local businesses promoting their products and services to people passing by popular landmarks or busy shopping centers. In Europe, ad screens are used mainly in public transportation stations to promote upcoming events and special offers.

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