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DOOH Advertising: How Costly is It?

Brands are increasingly using DOOH or Digital out-of-home advertising channels. A big reason is the large scale of the medium that helps you reach a targeted audience in unprecedented ways. As such, understanding this ever-evolving platform is a bit tricky. This blog will cover, besides the cost of digital billboard advertising, other basics as well to help you make the most.

DOOH Advertising: What is It?

Before we go digital, let’s spare a couple of seconds for OOH advertising. The name says it all, actually. Ads that you encounter when you step out of your home are all OOH advertisements. Even your cell phones or laptops, which you can carry around, are excluded. Digital ads or social media ads can also be counted as in-the-home ads.

Now, when you hear DOOH, you automatically go to digital billboards with the faces of celebrities pasted on them, right?

Well, you’re not absolutely wrong. But things have changed a lot in the last few years. Today, there are a lot more options to choose from in order to reach customers. It can also take place throughout the day. You can see one when you’re going for a jog in the mark or a quick trip to the local café. DOOH is basically when OOH is boosted with advertising technologies such as re-targeting, personalizing, attribution geo-fencing, and measurement. Suppose you’re walking past a billboard and you see it display a different ad when you reach it. This is what a DOOH is in a nutshell.

Let’s walk through a few kinds of DOOH ads:

1. Digital Billboards

These are visible on highways, big cities, and other densely crowded areas. As such, this is the kind you might e more familiar with. This is also why it gives your brand greater exposure and leaves more impression on the minds of onlookers.

2. Digital Public Places (bus stops, kiosks etc.)

Think of kiosks on the streets or mini-billboards in subway stations. These are intimate in nature. It reaches your audience when they are vulnerable to advertisements. For example, when you are returning home after a day at work you probably would download an ad to kill time before boarding or during the ride home.

3. Car Top Ads

Many companies are now adding digital signage on car tops for better audience penetration as well as visibility throughout whole cities.

How has AI changed DOOH Advertising?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one major driver behind the rising use of DOOH advertisements. It helps your company in developing state-of-the-art audience measurement technologies. This in turn leads to greater audience engagement and increased brand visibility. Given below are three ways how AI has brought a shift in DOOH advertising:

a. Face Analysis helps you know your audience better

AI-powered face analysis software helps you collect real-time audience data. This also gives you accurate information about digital signage, ad performance, and demographic data. You can also link these systems to cameras and determine

  • The number of people passing by your ad
  • The number of people that viewed the ad in a given period
  • The time spent by them on your ad
  • Their age and gender and expressions

Now, you can use this data to curate your content and also schedule them better.

b. Your analytics software can be integrated with your CMS

This will help you use the insights gained from the application in a profitable manner.

c. Relevant, tailor-made content delivery

You can provide personalized and dynamic content in real time to your viewers. This brings your brand one step closer to a successful audience measurement strategy.

Who Can Opt for DOOH advertising?

It is no doubt that DOOH advertising gives great leverage over the market. Its content-specific, targeted ads are dynamic in nature and reach more people. But at what cost does this happen? If you are a newly-formed start-up, will you be able to afford it? You can, actually. Given that you have a clear budget in mind, you can definitely opt for a DOOH ad campaign.

1. It is cheaper than online advertising

If you place your campaign at the right time and right place, it is way cheaper than campaigning online. If you select the correct service provider, you can avoid the congested online space and make your brand more visible.

2. It reaches users on the go

Statistics show that billboard advertisements caused more people to visit an online website and collect additional information about the company. Thus, you can target your customers right when they need you. This increases the visibility as well. Moreover, this makes your brand more accessible and thus, more engaging.

3. It is easy

You can easily streamline your campaign and make it more personalized for your users.

Cost and Benefits of DOOH advertising

DOOH is very cost-effective. DOOH campaigns are usually priced on the basis of slot-based pricing. This means that each time slot has a flat price rate. A campaign-based model is another where you have a goal set for your campaign.

The benefits of such tactics are many.

  • It helps you reach a large audience.
  • Software and real-time data automate your ads and make them more targeted but not intrusive.
  • It is closer to the point of sale. Thus, it drives more people into buying from the stores and also increases engagement.

Given the benefits, the cost of billboard marketing seems reasonable. Of course, there are many factors like your service provider makes a whole lot of difference.


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