EdgeSkope - Indoor DOOH Audience Measurement Solution

Value of EdgeSkope in indoor advertising

Our cutting-edge AI solution, EdgeSkope provides valuable insights to understand audience behavior, preferences, and demographics which helps advertiser, and media partners to understand the audiences' preferences and customize the content.

Evaluate the reach of your target audience, the accuracy of your campaign's targeting, and the frequency at which your target audience is exposed to your message with EdgeSkope.

Effectively and precisely identify the audience exposed to a campaign through various factors such as ad log timestamps, device location, venue type, and screen location.

Increase revenue

EdgeSkope helps advertisers to make data-driven decisions by analyzing real-time data on impressions, engagement levels, and audience demographics.
By customizing the marketing advertisement for the audience, they can maximize the impact of their ads, attract more audiences, and drive revenue growth.

Optimize cost

Our vision AI-powered EdgeSkope helps businesses optimize their advertising spend by targeting the most relevant audience segments.
By understanding the age, gender and location of the indoor audiences, businesses can focus their marketing content effectively and eliminate the waste of cost.

Improve operational efficiency

By comparing the performance of data over a perioding period, advertisers can strategically select indoor advertising spaces, optimize scheduling, and tailor content to maximize effectiveness and operational efficiency.
Evaluate the effectiveness of indoor billboards by conducting an analysis of audience demographics, including age, gender, and location, in addition to their advertisement preferences. This analysis will provide valuable insights into the performance of indoor billboards and help optimize targeting strategies.

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