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It sure is a good time to get involved in advertising. With so many companies going online and wanting to target an ever-growing audience, a good number of opportunities have opened up in the field. And for those who are looking to be a part of something big, out-of-home advertising is one path that can help them get there. Here are some home advertising examples to help you get an idea of it.


One of the most successful examples of home advertising examples is billboards. Billboards are promoted across large regions and can be seen by thousands of people daily. This makes it an ideal channel for brands to deliver their messages to a target audience that's hard to miss. And that's why many big brands, such as Nike, Audi, and Coca-Cola, to name a few, have employed this form of advertising.

Billboards were initially used as signs to relay the message of travelers on road trips. However, since then, they've evolved into complex displays that use exciting graphics and creative messages. Using different technologies like lightboxes and digital projection tools, advertisers can make their messages stick.


Another form of home advertising examples is with busses. You see it all the time, don't you? A big colorful bus rolling down the streets is also carrying an advertiser's message with it. Buses are often used for public transportation, but there are times when they're taken over by advertisers to promote their products and services to people who are on the move.

Buses are also part of paid shuttle services that have become popular among many companies today. This saves them time and money since it allows them to manage their bus fleets, as well as promote their brands at the same time.

Billboard ads may be bigger, but busses can reach more people, which makes them an ideal choice for advertisers who are looking to promote their products to a wide range of people.


You've probably seen them on the side of your local train station, but did you know that posters are also used for out-of-home advertising? Posters are hung in places where many people congregate. They're commonly found at movie theaters, stations, college campuses, and any other place that encourages people to stop by. It's one way that advertisers can reach a large audience at once.

When you go to see that new movie or visit your local train station, the posters you see might just be part of an out-of-home advertising campaign. This is one reason why brands like Nike and McDonald's have used it over the years, with great results.


Airports are one of the most visited places in the world, which makes them ideal locations to advertise your products. With many people boarding flights every day, there's no better way to take advantage of this huge audience than through airport advertising. Not only do you catch their attention while they're waiting to check-in or at duty-free shops, but you also get to target them as they're on their way out. This means that your brand will be getting exposure even after the ad campaign has ended, which is a great achievement for any advertiser.

Train stations and airports aren't the only places where advertisers can grab people's attention. There are many other locations like sports arenas and malls that can help you get your message across. However, it's important to choose an out-of-home ad that fits the demographic of the audience you're trying to reach.

Street Furniture

Street furniture is another great example of effective out-of-home advertising. Street signs, bus stops, benches, and bicycle racks are all places where you can put your message. You may not think that people linger around these items long enough to read what's on them, but if your message is creative enough, they'll do more than a just glance.

Street furniture is often overlooked, but it's a great way to get your brand in front of people. For example, the creative poster ads that are on bus stops can draw curious looks from many people who would've otherwise missed them. Not to mention, these pieces of street furniture don't cost much compared to other forms of out-of-home advertising, which makes it a good option for smaller brands.

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