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Audience Measurement for DOOH Marketing

You need to know who's walking by your digital screens, but are they looking at them? You need someone with the answer. We have an expert product that provides analytics tailored for video billboards through Artificial Intelligence.

This measures your audience and provides the customer profiles identifying their gender, age group, monitoring their motion, emotions, and expressions in real-time. We recognize the need to have comparable audience measurement based on demographic profiles of people that view display screens in public places, and have come up with a technology that isn't just helpful for analytics but it actually measures the attention levels of users, also recognizing their faces.

Detect and measure audience engagement more accurately than ever before using sophisticated people counting software like FastEdge Audience AI.

Why Audience Measurement?

The Audience Measurement technology helps in measuring and analyzing the viewing behaviors of consumers that are served as digital signage ads on Digital Out of Home (DOOH) networks. This data can be used by advertisers, content providers and agencies through a sophisticated online dashboard system for campaign management and planning purposes.OOH campaigns which bring in significant positive impact on metrics such as brand awareness and brand recall.

Audience Measurement is a necessity for efficient future campaigns due to the detailed insights that it provides.

How Audience Measurement Helps Grow Your Business

FastEdge Audience AI relies on AI computer vision privacy centric technology to analyse live camera sensor, and gets people count, age and gender so to measure the effectiveness of the ads as well as targeting of the ads. Audience Measurementneeds access to the composition of an audience, so that ads can be targeted efficiently, giving businesses better market exposure and drive-sales strategically.

Age group assessment

Which age group is most likely to use your product and services

Gender identification

Which gender of people are your services mostly attracting

Facial recognition technology

If your audiences are coming back again and again

Expression and action recognition

What is your audience expressing by looking at your advertisement