Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home

As technology continues to advance, so too do how advertisers go about reaching their target market. As a result, the Digital Out of Home (DOOH) space continues to grow.

Like other forms of advertising, DOOH utilizes media space to get brands and messages out into the public domain. However, unlike other forms where you are limited by your imagination or budget, DOOH allows for a variety of innovative approaches; the only limiting factor is your imagination.

The ever-changing world of technology has allowed brands to push the boundaries when it comes to DOOH. Providing advertisers with an opportunity to target consumers in real-time, tailored advertising can be displayed, alongside targeted messaging at specific locations based on information gathered by using geo-location software.

There are various ways in which brands can utilize digital out-of-home advertising to get the reach they need. Here are some examples of digital out of home advertising that you might have encountered while going about with your life:

  • On a bunch of big screens promoting hotels when you first reach an airport terminal
  • Burger King and McDonald's ads you may have noticed at random places while sitting in your parked car
  • Billboards situated in front of an art gallery or a movie theater that you pass by while going somewhere
  • Digital cinema screens at various places across the city where you go to watch a movie

What are the Advantages of Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising may cost up to 90% less than traditional media, especially in the long term.

  • Viewers are exposed to advertisements for longer periods because they are not surrounded by so many other media competing for their attention. Viewers have a longer exposure period when at the airport or in front of movie screens, allowing for a lot more impact.
    • Companies can track what works and what doesn't when it comes to advertising campaigns.
    • Consumers are volunteering information about themselves by disclosing their location, and many digital out-of-home locations (i.e.: movies and airports) can be easily tracked yielding rich data on consumer preferences and behaviors.
    • Viewers may voluntarily share the ads they saw through social networks or forums online increasing brand awareness and reach to new audiences.

How Can You Make Your Digital Out-Of-Home Advertisement Stand Out?

Now that you know the basics behind DOOH, here are some simple tips for you to take into consideration when creating an ad campaign:

  1. Keep it Simple - One of the most important rules to remember about advertising, in general, is that less is more. You are not just competing against your competitors, but also with all the other advertising around you. Make sure that your ad is easily legible and able to be quickly scanned by audiences.
  2. Be Consistent - Every element of your advertisement should have a uniform feel so viewers are not confused or distracted by elements that don't belong together. Consistency in design is one of the easiest ways to draw in viewers and keep them engaged in your advertisement.
  3. Make it Engaging - Even the most boring product can be made interesting when a viewer takes an active role in viewing an ad. Don't be afraid to pique interest by asking questions or making eye contact with viewers.
  4. Make it Share-worthy - No one likes ads, but everyone likes a good deal. Try to make your ad in a way that would entice viewers to share it with their friends or family members.
  5. Make it Interactive - Have an interesting angle that allows you to interact with the product/service being advertised using the technology available at DOOH locations. People love to share things that they can actively participate in.
  6. Keep it Short - No one wants to spend a lot of time viewing an ad when there is a whole world surrounding them filled with distractions and other advertisements, don't make people work hard at reading long-titled ads.
  7. Don't Rush - Remember, everything you put out there will be around for a while. Make sure that it is something that you are proud of and didn't create in 5 minutes on Microsoft Paint.
  8. Don't Overdo It - We all know how this works when it comes to advertising in general. Remember, not everyone can pull off branding very well, and not everyone should. One of the most memorable ads was the "Got Milk" campaign, which is a perfect example of going with what works rather than trying to be too fancy or creative.
  9. Be Consistent - As a follow-up tip from number two, make sure that you are consistent in color scheme, typography, and fonts. Make sure that your design is well thought out and not just a collection of images, colors, and phrases thrown together without any planning. DOOH advertising takes time to produce so make sure it's worth the wait!
  10. Be Creative - You can either be creative or go with what works in every other aspect of life. Don't be afraid to try something new. A lot of the best ads out there are so memorable because they do something different than what has been done before.

There's no doubt that DOOH advertising can create an effective campaign if done correctly. Here's to a future filled with creative and effective digital out-of-home ads!

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