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FastEdge leverages its deep knowledge and experience in Gen AI solutions to offer cutting-edge Video Analytics Solutions. Our core activities include designing and developing Gen AI-based solutions while providing comprehensive support during the implementation phase. We understand the critical importance of delivering a seamless experience to our clients, and our scope of services reflects this commitment.

The Importance of Gen AI


Gen AI is a game-changer in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape. Its significance lies in its ability to:

Drive Efficiency: Gen AI optimizes operations, streamlines processes, and enhances decision-making, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

Promote Inclusivity: Gen AI breaks down barriers, fostering inclusivity by bridging gaps in language and culture, enabling diverse teams to collaborate seamlessly.

Unlock Insights: Gen AI leverages data analytics to provide valuable insights, enabling data-driven strategies that lead to better outcomes.


Value to Customers

Value Customer

FastEdge’s Video Analytics Solutions offer a multitude of value-added benefits to our clients:

Enhanced Communication: Our real-time language translation feature ensures that language is no longer a barrier to effective communication. This fosters inclusivity and engagement during events, enabling a wider audience reach.

Engagement and Creativity: The ability for presenters to switch between themselves and avatars adds a layer of creativity and engagement to presentations. This feature captivates the audience’s attention and makes presentations more memorable.

Authenticity: Our Gen AI solution’s lip sync technology ensures that avatars’ lip movements match the language being spoken. This attention to detail enhances the authenticity of the communication, making interactions more relatable.

Efficiency and Support: The AI Assistant BOT efficiently coordinates events and responds to questions using Azure’s version of ChatGPT. This support not only saves time but also ensures that event-related queries are addressed promptly and accurately.

User-Friendly Experience: FastEdge’s software development expertise ensures that the solution is intuitive and user-friendly. Attendees can seamlessly navigate the platform, enhancing their overall experience.

Cost Optimization: By using commercially available hardware components and Cloud Services like Azure, we optimize costs and ensure that clients pay only for the resources they use.

Smooth Deployment: Our commitment to supporting deployment in the client’s production environment ensures a seamless transition. We understand the unique challenges of production hardware environments and proactively address potential issues.

FastEdge's Unique Video Analytics Solutions

Real-Time Language Translation

Our solution breaks down language barriers by seamlessly translating English speech into Chinese and Japanese, facilitating global communication.

Avatar Presentation

Presenters have the flexibility to effortlessly switch between their real selves and avatars, injecting creativity and engagement into events.

Lip Sync Technology

Powered by Gen AI, our platform ensures that avatar lip movements authentically synchronize with the spoken language, elevating the virtual experience.

AI Assistant BOT

FastEdge takes the lead in introducing an AI Assistant BOT, meticulously coordinated through Azure's ChatGPT. This assistant efficiently handles event-related queries, streamlining communication.

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