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Digital Signage in Retail: What are the Perks?

Businesses can no longer flourish with just a good product anymore. We are now living in the era of smart cities and metaverse where users have more options now than ever. Your success will be determined by your sales. And clever marketing and advertising drive your sales. Digital signage in retail helps your business create a strong brand identity and boosts sales. Of course, it does a lot more. Spare some minutes from your busy day to read this piece and you might just find what you are looking for.

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is when you use technologies such as Projection, LED, and LCD to present content like video, streaming media, digital images, and information. They are put up on public spaces like hotels, retail stores, subway stations, and corporate buildings so that the maximum number of people can view them. Digital signage allows your company to have attractive dynamic ads that are customer-specific. They are adapted to suit the individual demands and preferences and can be updated in real-time. They also offer strong visuals which influence how customers spend their money.

Therefore it is not surprising that digital content is so important for marketers. Digital signage in retail offers your business a unique space to combine in-store and online policies into a singular channel. And all the signs saying that this is where the world is headed. Study shows that by 2025 the global digital signage market is estimated to reach USD 31.71 billion. That is a huge market so if you do not hop on now, your business might have difficulties ahead.

Business Benefits of Digital Signage in Retail Stores

Imagine yourself as a daily commuter. You are waiting in line for the morning bus to your office. You are on the phone. Will a static picture displaying a product catch your sleepy mind? In all probabilities, it won’t. But suppose it is a colorful picture of your favorite K-Pop band, dancing with the product in their hands? This is what digital signage in retail stores do: make you curious enough to visit the stores. And it’s not just us saying it; statistics have shown that eight out of ten people have visited a store after getting interested because of the digital signs. They allow the companies to use cost-effective marketing and advertising policies. There are also other perks of digital signage in retail:

1. Increased customer traffic and dwell time in the stores

To drive more customers into your store, you must have a catchy display sign. According to studies, millennials are also more prone to visiting physical stores than baby boomers. So, fun videos of products, playlists of your hottest items, etc. can increase in-store traffic. Not just this, they also make visitors stay longer. And this can ultimately convert into greater sales for your brand.

2. Contextualization for an informed decision

The mass reach of digital signage also means that our users receive it when they need it the most. It also makes the products look real. Videos showcase a product from various angles and in different designs to make it feel real and appeal to many. Thus, targeted content facilitates sales and visibility of your brand.

3. Entertaining and Informative

Another perk of digital signage in retail is that you can provide infotainment to your customers to make it a really engaging experience. Customers like to make informed decisions while purchasing products. Adding vital information to your digital sign like product details, availability, best items, etc. can help your buyers. Creating interacting, real-time hashtag campaigns for testing products, etc. are ways to make the experience entertaining.  

4. Improved Customer Service and Internal Communications

With the help of digital signs, you can easily direct your customers to specific departments, customer service areas, and featured products. You can also better manage internal communication. For example, you can disseminate health guidelines or safety manuals via digital signs.

5. Easy and Saves Money

Cutting-edge technology with easy set-up rules is cost-effective and saves time and money. You can update information in real-time. Thus, costs of printing the latest content, distribution, etc. are not present. Besides, it is environment-friendly too.

FastEdge Can Help You Monetize Ads

Digital Signage allows you to be innovative with your ads while helping you make an additional profit. A few ways you can do that are given below:

1. Establish advantageous Brand Collaborations

You can build partnerships with other brands and products to earn more during downtime. With the help of FastEdge, you can show local events, services, and more. This will also connect your customers to relevant content and increase their dwelling time in the stores.

2. Improved Store Efficiency and Interactive Selling Boards

FastEdge can help you set up interactive selling boards and technologies that provide a more personalized experience for the users. The users can proceed further in the sales funnel without human help.


Ultimately, digital signage in retail provides the users with more control over their time and money, and purchasing decisions. As a seller, you get to design innovative techniques that do not just increase sales but make the process fun as well. FastEdge’s mighty AI technology will help you achieve all this and more. It can also create precious data analytics and a tough digital presence in the market for your business.FastEdge LLC is an AI technology development firm dedicated to using technology to make business decisions more accurate, timely, and profitable.  Find out more about us at