FastEdge – EdTech

EdTech for the Education Sector

With AI sensors in the education sector, each student will be learning at their best possible pace. Teachers prepare modules and capsules of content for the students. From learning management to classroom supervision, facial recognition software provides amazing insights on how to tailor academics so they meet individual needs.

Real-time feedback on usage visualization helps administrators enough time to take preventive action before the student becomes disengaged with their learning experience, by tracking their emotions through their behavior and facial expressions. EdTech is our friendly, innovative way to teach the next generation efficiently. Provides feedback on - if the students are having an understanding of the current learning procedure so that it is optimized for the students’ needs with AI teaching technology that understands their learning style, and monitors their behavior and actions, to provide a better learning experience.

Why EdTech?

The use of AI in the education sector is quite innovative and has a lot of potentials. EdTech will help to monitor and follow up with teachers and students. It can also provide up-to-date information for parents on their child’s progress. It can be used as a management tool to track and follow up on the progress of students. Customized Libraries are included to manage subjects and topics.

The data gathered by these sensors will help teachers to determine which students aren’t paying attention or are struggling to understand what is being taught. With this information, teachers can then adjust their teaching styles accordingly to cater more effectively to the needs of their students. Our OTT Education platform provides real-time results as well, and the students need not wait long.


How Do We Do It?

With our AI sensors, the facial expressions and activity of the students are recorded which helps the teachers assess their teaching methods and change accordingly. Students find it hard to learn away from their classrooms, deprived of live interaction with their teachers. This puts them at a disadvantage as they try to keep up with their peers who benefit from the traditional system. Fortunately, this is no longer an issue with the many ways we can now teach and learn through technology.

FastEdge’s educational service brings together several tools and resources that make it easy for users to learn and engage in educational activities:

Customized digital content

Go back and watch the lessons if you’ve missed out on something

Conceptual tests

Tests are conducted often to clear your concepts and brush up on existing knowledge

Doubt clarification sessions

Doubts won’t last long with our doubt clearing sessions

Direct interaction with subject experts

Have a one-on-one interaction with the best teachers