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DOOH and Small Business

To increase your online presence, improve sales, and increase your conversion rates, how do you – a small business owner – set your brand apart from the upcoming competition? Well, you use digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH), of course. This piece intends to give small business owners an overview of how digital out-of-home (DOOH) can be used as part of their overall marketing strategy

The pandemic has been bad news for businesses both large and small. Some companies are still struggling to adapt to the resulting dip in revenue. The situation, however, is improving as nationwide vaccination coverage advances. More people are going back to their pre-pandemic spending patterns. So, what's the best way to get the word out about your corporation when you're back out there after an extended hiatus? Choosing the right advertising channels, such as digital media, will help your endeavor get underway. DOOH advertisement has emerged as a wonderful solution, providing an excellent chance for smaller businesses to stand up to established rivals.

Post- Covid, How Can You Advertise Your Small Business?

As people increase their travels, companies will find more routes they can use to connect with them. They are now moving beyond their immediate essential stores to other locations. With ads in every public place, from billboards to rideshare signs on vehicles, today's consumer is bombarded with brand connections. Social distancing and hygiene protection requirements have radically transformed digital marketing promotions. These tools have made it easy for small industries to continue operating.

Dynamic digital out-of-home media, or DOOH, allows companies to generate distinctive content on a flexible, real-time basis to modernize their brands and products. Chain stores, for example, can advertise their identity and products with visually customizable advertisements. They not only appeal to customers but also promote the cross-selling of their other products.

We will now discuss why are so many small businesses turning to DOOH advertising? And why you should too, assuming that you have not done so already.

1. It is both Accessible and Affordable

Campaign management expenditures frequently differentiate large brands from little contenders. Big household brands with exorbitant, million-dollar advertising budgets have long dominated advertising spaces. DOOH, however, has turned the table. With the right campaign and targeting, digital out-of-home media can be extremely effective in terms of ad spending. It levels the playing field for younger businesses, helping them compete with the bigger players. Targeted advertising also makes DOOH relatively cost-effective and easily accessible.

2. Quality Matters More!

It's not about how many advertising posters you can post around the city. More important is how many people view them, where they're posted, and when they appear. DOOH advertising allows you to purchase only those advertisements that relate directly to your target audience, providing a better bang for your buck. You have more flexibility in ad spending and thus can create smart campaigns tailored for your unique users.

3. Better Targeting

DOOH utilizes hyper-focused, local targeting to present a specific idea to a select group of people most likely to connect with that brand. Advances in computer vision allow platforms that display DOOH ads to monitor and collect data about consumers. This increases their proficiency and the effectiveness of targeting. Then, the AI-based recommendation system makes use of machine learning to find and interpret patterns in human behavior. This then creates content that appropriately targets the user.

Consider the power of advertising – its impact on ROI – for advertising in the most suitable contexts. After seeing an ad a lot of times, your users will be more likely to convert.

4. Who Are Your Viewers?

Rather than manually selecting which screens to display your ad on, you select the audience you want your ad to reach. The platform then researches the screens available, selecting the most suitable ones to display your campaign. For example, universities or local entertainment values are prime locations if you want to target millennial shoppers.

5. Shifting Brand Loyalty and Purchasing Behavior

In light of the pandemic's duration, lots of customers changed their spending habits. It's not that they are spending less. But the avenues have seen a huge shift. 75% of surveyed consumers tried a new shopping behavior, with most wanting to continue it. 36% tried a new product brand and 25% tried a new private label brand, according to a McKinsey study.

A Small business can take advantage of this opportunity to get greater brand recognition. DOOH (Digital out-of-home advertising) gives you a more apt opportunity to reach out to these individuals at the ideal time on the appropriate platform.

6. Creative Marketing

DOOH advertising provides value beyond affordability, accessibility, flexibility, and customer insights. Each screen allows advertisers to engage with audiences in meaningful ways. Ads that feature creative results may provide helpful and often contextual solutions for pedestrians, drivers, and viewers alike. It provides valuable insights that can push forward brand creativity and evolution. You can have a unique storyline or a hilarious punch line and voila! you have a winner. Your creativity attracts and engages your audience. Thus, you can see a higher conversion and ROI.

Final Word

DOOH can do wonders for a small business. There’s a lot more you can do with DOOH advertising. Offering expertise for all digital out-of-home advertising and OTT-related needs, we aim to provide personalized and affordable solutions for you and your organization. Get in touch with us today!

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