How Our Technology Works

FastEdge's Cutting-Edge Technology and Intuitive Portal Revolutionize Marketing Insights

FastEdge harnesses AI and computer vision, centered around NVIDIA Jetson Nano, to deliver real-time audience insights across diverse industries. Our user-friendly portal offers real-time access, analytics enabling businesses to craft more effective marketing strategies.

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Adding Client Value Through Advanced Solutions

FastEdge uses AI and computer vision for deep audience behavior insights.

At the core of our technology stack, NVIDIA Jetson Nano ensures real-time processing and analysis.

Our reports facilitate real-time data gathering and in-depth audience analysis.

FastEdge offers precise insights tailored to demographics, age, gender, and location.


Our Technology

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Real-Time Reports on Portal

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User-friendly portal offers real-time and historical data for agencies.

Agencies access data remotely for flexible audience metric monitoring.

FastEdge’s reports offer detailed age and gender-specific insights.

Leveraging portal insights for strategic marketing advantages.

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Low-Cost High Value

Our edge-based solution optimizes operations, slashing costs and boosting efficiency seamlessly.

FastEdge boosts ROI, empowering businesses with data-driven advertising insights.

Excels in identifying audiences, optimizing revenue via specific market targeting.


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