Outdoor DOOH Audience Measurement Solution

Value of audience measurement in outdoor advertising

Our audience measurement technology helps to determine the size of their target audience, evaluate the accuracy of their targeting efforts, and assess the frequency at which their campaign is being viewed by their intended audience. 

Our platform assists advertisers in obtaining a more precise understanding of the reach of their campaigns within their potential audience. 

Take strategic decisions by assessing the audience frequency, reach of advertisements, dwell time, attention time, whether new or repeated audience, locations, and seasons. 

Increase revenue

Determine the audience size for your billboards and assess the number of individuals who have actually viewed your ad to find the impact of your outdoor advertising efforts.
Precisely target your chosen audience demographic with a compelling message to maximize views and generate a direct impact on your call to action.

Optimize cost

By evaluating the granular data points in real-time, advertisers can make immediate campaign adjustments, optimizing their return on investment (ROI) and maximizing the overall effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

Allocate the strategy of broadcasting the media content to the audience by demographic, preferences, and seasons.

Improve operational efficiency

Reach the target audience by analysing the historic data and accurately forecasting the performance and aligning the campaign.

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