Mobile DOOH Audience Measurement Solution

Value of audience measurement in mobile billboard advertising

Our state-of-the-art Audience Measurement solution, driven by advanced AI technology, provides a comprehensive range of data including Impressions, people count, vehicle count, demographics, time of day, location, and seasonality.

By leveraging these real-time data-driven reports, you can optimize your campaign planning. Enhance targeted reach, evaluate campaign effectiveness, and gain valuable insights for future campaigns.

Increase revenue

Our platform helps advertisers to get better impressions data leading to increased revenue.

  • You can access the data and conduct analysis in real time to assess your marketing campaign.
  • Achieve improved impression multipliers for your advertisers through our platform.
  • Drive higher impressions by utilizing advanced targeting techniques that utilize demographics, interests, and seasonality.
  • Customize your audience and develop targeted strategies to reach the right audience.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by leveraging real-time assessment.

Optimize cost

Utilize real-time data to capture and analyze audience metrics instantaneously, enabling timely decision-making and responsiveness.

Automate reporting processes to generate standardized and customized audience metric reports, reducing manual effort and accelerating insights distribution.

Improve operational efficiency

Assess ad creative performance based on the Impression count, attention time and dwell time. Develop better performing creatives based on seasonality and audience data.

Develop strategic routes that deliver footfall counts, locations where the target audience is present using our location data combined with audience data and seasonality.

Insights and Reports

Explore the intricate details of how our technology seamlessly captures and analyzes audience demographics, facilitating precise targeting and enhancing campaign effectiveness.

  • Real-time report generation and advanced search options for viewing historical data, identifying top visitors, and analyzing top impressions.
  • Precise targeting based on gender (male, female) and age groups (young, adult, senior) enhances campaign effectiveness, optimizing the number of people reached and average viewing time.
  • Insights into age, location, demographics, dwell time, attention time, and more.

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