FastEdge - Retail Sensor

Retail sensor for DOOH advertising

The Retail Sensor helps brick and mortar stores by better analyzing customer foot traffic. These sensors will increase efficiency in collecting data and view time in front of an isle or shelf, the time, their age, and gender, as well as what actions they take. The Retail Sensor monitors customers’ eye movement, with pinpoint accuracy at recognizing patterns like frequency of visits, time spent on an ad, and visit duration before finding a purchase decision.

Why fastedge's retail sensor?

FastEdge’s AI-enabled Retail Sensor optimizes customer experiences forecasting stock management and more. It allows quicker decision-making and provides detailed insights when required by the retailers.

The AI learns and improves itself by machine-learning keeping it ahead of current trends. It can also help businesses optimize their pricing strategies. Price optimization with strategized inventory management can help analyze and predict the product demand and craft prices, that would need customers’ readiness to pay and maximize profits.


How does it help to grow your business?

AI Retail Sensor provides an analytical service that has the ability to measure the effectiveness of digital out-of-home advertising platforms. The sensor data can also be used by retailers for accurate forecasting of sales volume, length of stay, footfall count, and transaction size. With this data, they can improve their inventory management and promotion strategies.

Data collection & product analysis

Gathering accurate data to analyze and project on product performance

Facial recognition

Learning the frequency of visits of customers through facial recognition

Learning, prediction, and planning

Planning about future campaigns with the collected data and enhanced customer experience

Problem solving

Solving problems regarding business with the help of insights

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