About Us

About Us

FastEdge: Fast, Accurate, Trustworthy

FastEdge.ai is a technology firm developing AI-enabled solutions for real time audience measurement that bring deep, cognitive capabilities to any DOOH sign with inexpensive sensors and cloud based technologies. We employ deep machine learning technology with cloud computing power; we design sensors that can gather data from many sources - including DOOH Signages or retail footfall.

  • Real time, AI driven insights
  • Simple to deploy, quick to revenue
  • State-of-the-art, yet low cost platform

No More Guesswork: Make Accurate Business Decisions with Us

The AI specialist for Digital Signage, DOOH and Audience Measurement. The anonymous audience analytics spy that bridges the gap between online platforms with real world data to provide in-store information on retailer’s ad performance metrics as well as advertiser needs including an industry recognized impression multiplier.

  • Intelligent Ad Management
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Business Analytics and AI-expert Consulting
  • Make Data-Driven Business Decisions
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Our Team

Panneer Ramalingam

Panner Ramalingam is an entrepreneur with a drive to come up with consistently creative solutions using Artificial Intelligence. He has a knack for developing businesses from the ground up, and even successfully built and sold a Video on Demand business. He has an impressive employment history where he has done everything from being a Senior Executive at Accenture to acting as Chief Technology Officer at Evolution Digital.

John E. Handley

John E. Handley cares immensely about Science and Technology, and believes in Economic Empowerment.  He acted as a partner at Accenture for several years before founding his own companies, first Direct Tech and now FastEdge. He is also a member of the Board of Directors at Net Medical Xpress, a position he has held for over 18 years now. Furthermore, he has been serving as CFO at IVZ, LLC for more than 14 years, and is also a self-employed consultant in the IT and Telecommunications fields. His hobbies include brewing beer at home and growing hops for the purpose in his own backyard.

Donald J Rippert

Donald J Rippert is a man of many talents. He has acted President and CEO at Basho Technologies and CTO at Accenture, served as GM at IBM Cloud, and is a board member at InContext Solutions. He has also put his skills to use by running his own one person consulting company that caters to people working with technology and financial services. His colleagues have commended him for his proactive nature and ability to make working fun. In his spare time, he does fly fishing- which he thoroughly enjoys and helps him unwind.

Vijay Mariappan

Vijay Mariappan is incredibly passionate about Artificial Intelligence - he knows he's good and it and consistently strives to stay on top of it. He has a highly technical mind which has allowed him to act as a freelancer in machine learning and deep learning, Head of Engineering at Jivox, Senior Technical Lead at Sling Media, and many more. He is an expert at large AI projects, having led many of them at Huawei Technologies India. He also has multiple patents under his belt. He cares immensely about mankind so when he's not working, he dedicates his time to doing social work in India and other parts of the world.