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Intelligent and smart transcoding with Per-title encoding

Our intelligent algorithm analyzes the complexity of each video file and optimizes the video parameters, called the bitrate ladder, for each file or frame. This reduces both the bitrate of the encoded video and the size of the file, saving approximately 20 to 30 percent in storage costs. The smaller video file needs much less bandwidth and takes much less time to load for playback.

Adaptive streaming

In today’s world, adaptive-bitrate streaming is the best way to handle bandwidth issues and deliver a high-quality experience to every viewer on every device. We offer solutions for MPEG-DASH and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) encoding in the cloud.

Custom templates

Our templates help you simplify your workflow and processes, increasing your output. Beginners and amateurs can use our predefined templates to do specific transcoding tasks. Experts can create their own templates to meet their needs. Our interface lets you play around with many transcoding parameters and find which ones give the best results.

Custom encoding outputs

Our video profiles allow you to set transcoding resolution settings. You can also create custom video profiles using your own resolution values.

Custom thumbnail options

With us, you can generate multiple thumbnails from your output. Choose the thumbnail count or interval or select specific times to get the exact frame distribution, size, and padding you need for your thumbnail images.


Transmuxing converts a file to a different container format without changing the file’s contents. In particular, it allows a video-on-demand transmission mode. We support transmuxing by changing the container format of H.264 files while keeping the underlying streams intact (used for HLS and MPEG-DASH).


We support watermarking, with extra features like advanced watermark placement and offsets, multiple watermarks per video, and watermarks of JPEG, BMP, or PNG files.

Supported DRM

We support multiple DRM integrations, including PlayReady, Fairplay, Widevine, and Verimatrix. Our platform offers absolute security for our customers’ assets and data. All transactions between clients and our servers are wrapped in TLS encryption using the HTTPS protocol, ensuring that your assets are immune to piracy and theft.